Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Forth Estuary - 3 Bridges - Queensferry Crossing formerly Forth Replacement Crossing

Progress north and south of  the new bridge


October 2014

September 2014

Look what's appearing over the road in South Queensferry

3rd bridge over the Forth Estuary
.Watch it being built while you are here on holiday.
3 miles from holiday cottage.
Queensferry crossing


Crane from barge - early January 2013

 View under Forth  road bridge

You need to look twice at this one:-
Side of block of container type offices with
 proposed sketch of 3rd bridge at base of photo.

Internet Images of F.R.C.

F.R.C. information from Transport Scotland

Friday, December 12, 2014

Food Local Smoked Fish and deliveries

Fresh Fish Stop 01383 620263
Shop and smokery at 10 Bruce Street, Dunfermline

Atlantic Hot smoked salmon (farmed in Scotland)
Deliveries  on a Tuesday or Friday.

Value for money.
Loads of ideas, recipe cards, flavoured butters.
It's like having a meal planner.

Starters, lunches and a side of salmon for some pals.
Dressed crab and ceramic dish with salmon pate

Dieppe platter ingredients

Several varieties of hot smoked salmon,
teamed with local baked rolls, makes a good quality meal

Simple recipe ideas


Fresh trout wrapped in parma ham, with lemon and thyme.

Coconut haddock and the usual delicious hot smoked salmon.
This week includes the salad recipe ingredients instead of the 2nd wet fish option,
ideal if you don't have much in the store cupboard .

£20 fish bag includes:-
Assorted hot smoked salmon +
recipe sheet with the sea bass fillets

Smoked salmon wrapped in Parma ham 
served with Risi a Bisi and onion rings

 4 assorted smoked salmon, fresh haddock fillets, king prawn in garlic oil and chilli
Loving the recipes and ready prepared dish

£20 mixed bag, hot smoked salmon, sea bass and crab cakes

Sea Bass with flavoured butter

Spicy crab cakes with lime aioli

Tuscan herb - a scrumptious starter

A growing variety of flavours:-
Black Pepper
Moroccan spiced
 Lemon Black Pepper, etc.

112gm £2.80
10 Bruce Street Dunfermline KY13 7AG. Deliveries available.
More information from  Elaine Hardie 07908 692085